Politics: Any Film with Keenan Wynn…

Paul Krugman writes, “There Are No TV Series About Heroic Economists… But there was a so-bad-it-was-good movie about a villainous, murderous chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.” He then provides the trailer for The Internecine Project. “So-bad-it-was-good”? Well, you know how much I hate that kind of talk so felt I had to slap back, but I’m not sure if the blog took my comment, so here it is:

Come on Krugman! Not every film with Keenan Wynn is bad! As a matter of fact, I’d say any film with him at least rises to the level of watchable—even Laserblast. You are a great man (really), but you are no film critic. And while I’m on the subject of pop art, why is it that you seem to only like the very worst Talking Heads songs? Do you mean to say that Crosseyed And Painless or Psycho Killer couldn’t be used to make points about the healthcare debate, Republicans in general, and Glenn Beck in particular?!
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