Politics: 12 April 2011

I just wrote this letter to the president:

I am so disappointed with you, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. When I voted for you, I didn’t think that you were going to work miracles. However, I *did* think that you would stand up against the Republicans. Instead, you seem always to be giving into them–starting negotiations where they should end. This is well illustrated in the recent budget debate where the Republicans ended up with more than they originally asked for. At this point, I think that Hillary Clinton would have been better at dealing with the Republicans.

I am aware of your substantial accomplishments, and I am grateful for them, even if they are far less than our country needs.

At this point, unless you start being something more than just “not as bad as the Republicans,” or “Republican-light,” I will work to put together a primary challenger. If that doesn’t work, I might be forced to vote for a third party candidate.

I want to believe you. I want to back you. You have a year and a half to give me reason.

Thanks you.
Frank Moraes

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