Illiterate Filmmakers: Italian Edition

Crow T. RobotAs a follow-up to Illiterate Filmmakers: Last Man Standing Edition, I can’t help but comment on a TV show I just watched. The first episode of the fifth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured the 1983 American film Warrior of the Lost World, which seems to have been produced in Italy. Regular readers will know what a big MST3K fan I am (so big that I refer to it as “MST3K”), and how much I identify with Crow T. Robot—to the point of having my very own statue of him on my desk, which you can see in the picture on the left. Probably because most of the people who worked on this film were Italian and thus knew English only as a second language, the film had a bit of a problem with English spelling and grammar. This was most noticeable because of the many on-screen words from the computer on the main character’s (“The Rider”) motorcycle: Einstein. It not only spoke, it displayed the text of anything that it said. Three different riffs had to do with Einstein’s inability to spell the word “perimeter” which it spelled “parimenter.”

<%image(20110314-mst3k.jpg|350|248|MST3K: PARIMETER)%>

When it was first displayed, Tom Servo remarked simply, “Oh, they misspelled “perimeter!” Crow showed greater disgust the second time Einstein made the mistake. “You still have ‘perimeter’ misspelled!” he barked. The third time the mistake was made, he could only shake his head in despair.

This was not the only grammar problem in the movie. On a single, casual viewing, I noticed another. In the credits, Einstein was not played by “itself” but rather “its’ self.”

<%image(20110314-mst3k-2.jpg|350|250|MST3K: ITS' SELF)%>

At least the Italians have an excuse. Just the same, when “VECTOR II PARIMETER” was on the screen, it was all alone; it is kind of important and shows a great deal of sloppiness—not that much else in the film didn’t.

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