Politics: 2 February 2011

Stock Market Back, Republicans Yawn

The Vancouver Sun reports that the Dow Jones industrial average closed above 12,000 yesterday. This is a 50% increase from where it closed the last day of the Bush administration. I know, big deal. Except that Republicans continue to claim that Obama is not only anti-business, but the most anti-business president in history. One of my biggest complaints against Obama is how much he is in the back pocket of Wall Street and the banking industry. So it makes sense for me to yawn and even be angry that the Dow Jones industrial average has gone up 50% when the unemployment rate has almost doubled. But the Republicans should be dancing in the streets. (Maybe they are—they’re just private streets that I’m not allowed to walk on.)

One Thing About Egypt

I don’t have much to say about Egypt because I don’t know much about it. But I will say this: as best as I can tell, Bruce Cockburn’s lyrics can be used to describe the protesters, “In the flash of this moment, you’re the best of what we are.”

The Return of Edward R. Murrow in London in Cairo

I’ve had my doubts about Richard Engel in the past, but I was wrong: he’s the real deal. This is Murrow during the Blitz.

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