Politics: 13 January 2011

Jon Stewart Does Have Balls—Today, Anyway

The last two nights of The Daily Show were very funny. The 11 January 2011 show was very funny—the best I’ve seen in a long while. And then, last night’s show was also very funny, but even more important, Jon Stewart showed that he actually did—contrary to all the evidence over the past year—has a properly functioning set of testicles. He really took Tim “I look as ridiculous watching hockey fights as John Kerry did hunting birds” Pawlenty to task. He pointed out that Pawlenty supported Bush’s bad legislation (not that that narrows it down much), “No Child Left Behind.” Then he asked the question (not an exact quote as shown by the lack of quotation marks): don’t you think that if Obama had introduced the same bill, most Republicans would have been absolutely against it and Glenn Beck would have railed against it with big posters of Stalin? Pawlenty, of course, obfuscated. But good for Stewart.

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