Politics: 24 December 2010

Media Matters gives Sarah Palin Award

Media Matters for America gave Sarah Palin The 2010 Glenn Beck Misinformer Of The Year Award:

A Message from Mark Fucking Zuckerberg

Will was kind enough to send this excellent SNL clip to me. Let’s have a look, shall we:

It is absolutely brilliant, apart from being very funny. When Time gave “Person of the Year” to Mark Zuckerberg, I was not surprised. In 2001, they did not give it to Osama bin Laden—the clear choice. Instead they gave it to Rudy Giuliani—a lesser villain, but one with more power, I think. At that time, I decided that Time (never much more than a reasonable-sounding conservative mouthpiece—still the Faux News of its day), had lost all its credibility. Why does the mainstream media give a shit who Time thinks is person of the year? There is no doubt Julian Assange had a much greater impact on the world this past year than fucking Zuckerberg. In fact, I can’t think of anything particularly important that Zuckerberg did this year other than be the subject of a popular film.

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