Politics: 2 November 2010

Let The Circus Begin

I have little to say. It will be a bad day. I have this image in my mind of watching a teabagger reading his portable Constitution. I still don’t understand how people can read the same document over and over and never understand it. Of course, without reading the Federalist Papers it is kind of hard to understand what it is really all about. But it’s kind of long. Anyway, as we know: facts don’t much matter to people who have made up their minds—especially people who have little education. Our country deserves the government it is about to elect. Unfortunately, the majority of the people do not.

Reid Wins!

This is very exciting: Harry Reid won in Nevada—and it looks like it is by a much wider margin than expected. I’m still hopeful for McAdams up in Alaska—but it is really hard to say. Colorado keeps going back and forth; it is currently slightly Buck (Republican), but I’ll keep hoping. Regardless, the Democratic Party keeps control of the Senate. Now they had better get rid of the filibuster, because with it, Rand Paul alone could destroy the world’s economy (this is not joke).

And, of course, we keep hearing how the teabaggers have been so important in this election. This is total bullshit. As we have seen again and again, the teabaggers are just the most conservative Republicans. They aren’t for the Constitution. (They don’t even understand it!) They aren’t for fiscal responsibility. They aren’t against Wall Street. Why do we know this? Because they believe in many things that are flat out against the Constitution; they want to balance the budget at the same time they want to cut taxes without cutting 80% of the federal budget that is Social Security, Medicare, and the military; are they were eager to vote for candidates who were bankrolled by Wall Street. This election had nothing to do with the teabaggers. It had everything to do with the 9.6% unemployment rate.

Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues

I couldn’t find Bob Dylan doing this, but this young man—Rex Noble—does a fine job. I fear we are back to this level of thinking. The question is: where are the beats?

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