Politics: 25 October 2010

I Can Be a Writer!

I just saw a review on Amazon by one Jon R. Stosser, commenting on S. E. Cupp’s Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity. Stosser writes, “I just [saw] Ms. Cupp on RealTime [with] Bill Maher and watched in amazement at her surprise that communism was akin to a State religion. She didn’t seem to know very much. I guess I am just jealous, cause I now know if I was conservative I too could be an author. Unfortunately, I live in the world where things are complex and grey.”

I feel much the same way. Last night, I did a good deal of writing on a book I have been putting off for too long. It’s hard work because I know that the book has to be good. I too am jealous; I know that I could write an un-researched conservative polemic in a couple of months, get it included in the Conservative Book Club and make enough money to live on for the next ten years—with health insurance! I also know that it would be trivial to create teaching materials for Christian home schoolers. It just isn’t right that people in the reality-based community have to work so much harder.

GOP No Longer Pretends to be “Big Tent”

Indiana Govenor Mitch Daniels suggested a value-added tax at a speech at the Hudson Institute. Daniels had been a possible Republican candidate for President in 2012. But not any more, it would seem. According to Grover Norquist, “[T]his is disqualifying. This is beyond the pale.”

The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

The Rachel Maddow Show presented a special documentary called The Assassination of Dr. Tiller. It is very sad, but very much worth watching. I highly suggest spending 45 minutes watching it.

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