Politics: 18 October 2010

At Least the Banks Are Safe!

Reuter’s reports, “U.S. stocks advanced on Monday as a stronger-than-expected profit from Citigroup helped financial shares shake off worries that the foreclosure mess could threaten the stability of the housing market.” And why not? The Administration has made it clear it plans to do nothing about foreclosure mess.

Four Men Convicted in FBI Plot to Bomb Synagogues?

As has been widely reported, the four men who talked about blowing up synagogues last year have been convicted. There is no doubt that these are bad guys, but this is yet another case where the defendants mightn’t have done anything or been able to do anything, if it weren’t for the FBI providing them with the tools to do it. For every Timothy McVeigh, there must have been thousands of people who talked about doing the same thing. I just don’t see that FBI sting operations make us that much safer. Why not just lock these guys up for making terrorist threats and use our resources to protect us against people can actually accomplish their twisted dreams? On good days, I think the government runs these sting operations to make us feel less fearful; on bad days—that is, most days—I think it does it to make us feel more fearful.

On a related note, CNN reports, “Four men were found guilty Monday of planning to bomb a synagogue and Jewish center…” Note how it is usually the Ground Zero mosque and not the Ground Zero mosque and community center.

More Fun With Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle’s racist border security ad was removed from YouTube for copyright infringement. Oh! And she wants to build a border fence to keep Asians from coming in from Canada. (This is one of her more reasonable policy positions.)

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