Politics: 14 October 2010

Condoleezza Rice on The Daily Show

Jon Stewart provided another softball interview for a conservative. No shock there. More interesting perhaps was at the end of the interview when Rice said, “This is the most tolerant country in the world when it comes to other religions.” Two points here. First, by saying “other” religions, she was implying that America has some kind of official religion. (I wonder what it could be?) Second, I am so tired of hearing about how America is the most and the best and the first and the biggest. The night before, Eric Cantor talked about how our economic system made us the richest country in the world (misleading, because several countries are richer per capita) and therefore allowed us to be the most generous (a common conceit of Americans that is totally untrue). It is also interesting that Rice got two segments—instead of the usual one—during which Stewart gazed at her lovingly like a schoolboy. Is Jon Stewart gearing up for a move to the Republican Party?

Snigger and Jigger on The Young Turks

I like listening to The Young Turks from time to time, but I am usually struck by their general level of ignorance about, well, just about everything. The word “jigger” came up as a possible veiled racial slur in the Illinois Senate race. They dismissed this because jigger is a proper word to use in this case. But one of the Turks mentioned that she didn’t know the word and then didn’t believe that “snigger” was a word. (Interestingly, my textbox doesn’t think it’s a word either.) Oh, those young turks! Oh, those browser programmers!

Government Requests Stay of End to DADT

Why? I don’t even know. Gates says it because the military needs time to change the policy. It sounds more like the government trying not to upset anti-gay bigots who already hate the government (except for the Social Security and Medicare benefits they receive).

How Many Ways is This Charmin Ad Offensive?

Are you not enjoying your “go” enough? Then Charmin Ultra is for you!

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