Politics: 11 October 2010

Chilean Miners Almost Out

Far ahead of early estimates, the 33 trapped Chilean miners should be out by Wednesday, according to Al Jazeera English. I have been meaning to check out Al Jazeera English for some time—having heard that their reporting was excellent. Like so many good things, Al Jazeera is just dismissed out of hand in America. I realize that some incendiary things have been said on the non-English Al Jazeera, but I think dismissing the network would be like dismissing MSNBC because of thing that Lou Dobbs has said.

You Say “Tea Party” and I Say “Nazi”!

I’m Begging You: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

Not Qualified at Any Speed

Peter A. Diamond and two others just got the Nobel Prize in Economic Science. The reason this is interesting is that the Republicans have been blocking his appointment to the Federal Reserve because they consider him unqualified.

Paladino: Bigoted, Insensitive, or Stupid?

That “or” in the headline is not exclusive: I believe the most likely answer is the implied “all of the above.” Carl Paladino, just after the story about the gang torture of three gay men had already broke, told a group of Orthodox Jewish leaders that children should not be “brainwashed” into thinking that homosexuality was acceptable. He waited a little while after the suicide of Tyler Clementi and many others. None of it is surprising. Intolerance begets intolerance. Hate begets hate. Paladino’s hatred begets hatred in me—of Paladino.

Capture and Kill Obama!

This is from last Friday. I thought about posting the Bill Hicks routine that was mentioned, but it is coarse in the extreme. I’m embedding this here for the last part:

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