Politics: 22 September 2010

Countdown dedicated half of their show today on the real definition of “small business” as the Republicans are using it to make the case for extending the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. The “small” in “small business” refers to the number of owners. So companies like the Chicago Tribune are considered “small businesses.” The biggest “small business”? Bechtel with over $30 billion in revenue each year. Yep: ol’ mom and pop Bechtel! I’m worried about them making ends meet.

From the beginning, I’ve thought that Helen Thomas got a raw deal over her comment that the Jews should get out of Palestine. She wasn’t referring to refugees after WWII. She was talking about the current practice of Israel allowing Jews from all over the world to immigrate directly into illegal and quasi-legal settlements in Palestine. But this was never discussed, because unlike in Israel, in American we cannot say anything bad about Israel. Matthew Duss doesn’t discuss it either, but he does show that there is a double standard about the way people can talk about Israelis versus Palestinians. Calling Israel on their bullshit is not antisemitic. As I’ve noted before, liberal Israelis are very upset about this situation. This can’t be an issue that we are not allowed to discuss.

Howard Fineman is leaving Newsweek to head the Huffington Post. Fineman isn’t horrible in my experience of him, but Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting brings to light much that is troubling about his long career. As they say, “In his 30 years as a reporter and pundit at Newsweek, Fineman could be counted on to represent the conventional take on politics. For example, Fineman is forever either urging Democratic politicians to move to the right or praising them for doing so.” That does pretty much sum up the supposed liberal media.

It is so good to be done with Bush:

Yeah, it’s sentimental and staged. But it’s still truthful.

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