Politics: 14 September 2010

Alone as usual, but I eat better than you.

The Clarifying Chaos

William Saletan wrote a wonderful overview of the whole Koran burning episode and how it relates to the Park51 project. I’m afraid it is written at too high a level to be of much use to those who need it most. Basically, Saletan says that we speak only for ourselves. He suggests that “Eventually, it will dawn on [Palin, Gingrich, and their chorus of right-wing commentators] that the Muslims who want to swim, eat, and worship at a community center in Lower Manhattan really are different from the Muslims who flew planes into the World Trade Center.” I wonder how I can get in on some of this group hate? I mean, I know I qualify as an intellectual elitist (I was called that recently), but I think everyone knows they need smart people. What group am I part of that can be hated? Who is Merritt Stone?!

All or Nothing

The Republicans (in the Senate anyway) really do seem to be set on refusing to give a tax cut to 97% of the nation in the name of giving really big tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. It used to be the Democrats who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but it looks like the Republicans have taken over. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell keeps claiming that most people are for extending the tax cuts for those families making over a quarter million dollars a year (just $200,000 for single folk). In fact, it is really just the usual 30% wacko Republicans who are for this. November is looking up! Speaking of which…

O’Donnell Strikes a Blow for Democrats!

The Washington Post announces, “Christine O’Donnell upsets Mike Castle in Delaware Senate primary.” This is great news! Now she will face New Castle County Executive Chris Coons in the general election. Polling stated that Mike Castle was 95% likely to beat Coons in the general. The same polling stated that O’Donnell was 17% likely to beat Coons. O’Donnell is a nutjob. I’m liking the teabaggers more all the time!

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