Politics: 1 September 2010

Signs of the Times

Not everything about the Glenn Beck rally was offensive. Watch this wonderful little video:

A Perfect Earl

Remember back in 1991 when the “perfect storm” hit the northeast of the United States and killed all the men aboard the Andrea Gail? At least you have to remember George Clooney playing Captain Billy Tyne in the movie. (Read Sebastian Junger’s book—it is much better.) Well, that was the second most damaging storm of that year—largely because it stayed off the coast. The big storm that year was Hurricane Bob. Right now, Hurricane Earl is swirling toward Maine and it looks to be the biggest thing since Bob back in 91. Hopefully the preparations will make a certain catastrophe as painless as possible.

Over-Population Problem Reduced

Okay. A nutjob took some hostages at Discovery Communications. He’s dead now. Why did he take the hostages? Over-population? No. He took the hostages because he was a nutjob. On the plus side, his exploit did lessen the over-population problem. A little.

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