Politics: 13 August 2010

It’s Friday the 13th, but I don’t believe in luck. The current political crisis is not a question of luck. Simply put, the Republicans are eager to sacrifice the good of the country (and the world) just to gain political power. It is repulsive. If they had not gone off the deep end, I would not be so partisan. But how can anyone of good conscious be a Republican today? John Dean (Nixon’s Whitehouse Counsel) and I are far apart politically, and yet on all the issues that come up in politics today, we are in lock step. That’s right: if Nixon were a politician today, he would be a moderate Democrat. If Reagan were a politician today, he would be a conservative Democrat or a liberal Republican. Regardless, he would be more reasonable than Ben Nelson.

But since it is Friday, we all deserve a little levity. So I give you Chico Marx. Just watch what he does with the apple:

  1. The word is that Obama’s deficit commission is mostly looking at ways to destroy Social Security and Medicare. As a result, Paul Krugman refers to it as the “catfood commission.” In three blogs today (one, two, and three), Krugman demolishes the “same old disingenuous arguments making the rounds.” I thought after Bush’s 2005 debacle, this was over. Sigh.
  2. The Gun Owners of America and the Christian Coalition are for Net Neutrality. The liberal sell-outs! The Teabaggers are taking a bold stand against Net Neutrality. Goooo team!
  3. Representative Maxine Waters held a 90-minute press conference today in which she defended herself against ethics charges. Although I rather think that Charlie Rangel is guilty, even if the case against him is over-stated, I believe that Waters is innocent. There does seem to be something very wrong with the Ethics Committee.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed Chico.

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