Recycled Genius

RecycleI’m in the process of updating the look of the site. And in the process I will be getting rid of this pinned post, for reasons that will become clear later. I’m hoping I can add something like it to the sidebar. Anyway, the change should take place in the next week.

Also: I’m really sick today. I have the 11:05 post scheduled. But I haven’t done either of the morning posts, and may not get to them.

5 thoughts on “Recycled Genius

  1. NOTE: If you can, make comments about the linked to post in that post, and leave comments here about this post, which will be constantly changing. Thanks!

  2. I guess even fancy academics can be reductionist. Anyway, Krugman is a pretty unlikely authority on the Deep South. Reading Joe Bageant wouldn’t be a bad place to start getting some clues.

      • Yes, I may delete all of these, because the comments relate to ephemeral content. But clearly the comment came in before the last backup.

  3. I have completely forgotten about Chocolat. I saw it many years ago and remember enjoying it. Great cast with Binoche, Molina , Olin, Dench and others. I don’t remember the director. The kind of movie Audrey Hepburn could of starred in. Your mention of it makes me want to see it once more.

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