Merriam-Webster Articles

Hey! I didn’t plan this; I just write what I write. I had no idea there were so many Kory Stamper (and Emily Brewster) fans out there. But since I
wrote the first article below, it has become by far my most visited page. People accuse me of being in love with Kory Stamper. Well, I may not
have been before, I sure am now. Grammarian fans are welcome at Frankly Curious!

Kory Stamper Lightens Hair!
What can I say? I spend a lot of time on the Merriam-Webster website and I notice things. In general, I don’t like change, except in my website traffic. But Ms. Stamper: you keep on changing; I’ll love you any way you are!
Zombies (and Kory Stamper Fans) are Attacking!
Google is the cause of all my online pain and pleasure—plus zombies and Kory Stamper fans.
“Why Ms. Brewster: You’re beautiful!”
Kory Stamper’s colleague Emily Brewster has changed her look and greatly improved her content.
“What in the Hell is Emily Brewster Doing Anyway?”
Merriam-Webster responds to my request for the job titles of their editors.
“Kory Stamper is Ugly?”
Some kid created a website called I kick into Don Quixote mode and defend her honor. Kind of.
Merriam-Webster Videos
Unfortunately, there is no way to embed the many excellent Merriam-Webster Videos on this site, but they
do have their own page. Currently, they have 25 videos with lengths in the one to three minute range. It is a
fun way to kill a half-hour. Update: They now have a YouTube channel
with about half of their videos.