America Cheer Coup in Venezuela

Protest against US military intervention in Venezuela

Juan Guaido has gone to the next level of his attempt to take over the Venezuelan government. He has some military backing and is now calling for a coup.

Media Coverage

CNN calls the following video footage of Juan Guaido talking to a “cheering crowd.” All the coverage is localized and tends to make the situation look much worse than it is. That doesn’t mean the coup won’t succeed, of course.

What’s more, they reported Guaido: The Majority of Venezuelans Support Me. There’s no context. As far as I can tell, Venezuelans are reasonably fond of Guaido but they are most definitely not in favor of a coup. And they aren’t in favor of his policies.

US Cheerleading

The US government is all over this, of course. I have little doubt that it is all planned. Nothing new there. Despite our constant talk of supporting democracy, we support what our government sees as its own narrow interests — usually the interests of our corporations that show no loyalty to the nation at all.

Marco Rubio, of course, is out cheering it all on:

This is nothing more than an incitement to violence. And that’s what’s behind all the coverage. If the people of Venezuela think there is no hope, they will roll over.

The good news is that the coverage outside the US is far better — and calmer. There isn’t the kind of cheerleading we see here. Of course, most of the western democracies have been in support of Juan Guaido — showing that they don’t care much about democracy.

False Narrative

What’s amazing about this is that the opposition might well have won the election earlier this year in Venezuela. Instead, they decided to boycott it. Listening to news coverage here in the US, however, you would think that the opposition was barred from running.

But I guess when you have the US supporting you, it’s just easier to grab control of the government and call it “democracy!”

Going Forward

I don’t know what will happen. But I know that under normal circumstances, the people of the US would prefer that we just mind our own business. What’s going on in Venezuela has nothing to do with us. And if we care about the humanitarian situation in the country, we would end our sanctions.

But instead, the US government won’t be happy until our corporations control Venezuela’s vast oil reserves.

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2 thoughts on “America Cheer Coup in Venezuela

  1. Rubio is such a pathetic little turd. Trump is cognitively impaired, and overcompensates to hide it; he will do whatever gets him approval, from anyone anywhere, there’s no thought process going on beyond “I can’t be dumb, it’s the people who told me I was dumb who are the real dumb dummies!” The likes of Newt Gingrich are full-on conservative believers, they’re sincere in their evil.

    Rubio knows what he’s doing. He’s catering to a very specific crowd of Florida voters who believe their parents’ stories about how “we’d still be rich if it wasn’t for Castro stealing our stuff!” (No, you’d be shitty landlords in a country with much worse healthcare than it has today.) It’s his entire bit, it’s a fraud and a lie, and Rubio knows it. But hey — stick at it long enough, maybe you’ll get those Board Of Directors jobs you always wanted. What’s a law here, a foreign policy there, if it gets in the way of your dream?

    He’s not just a sellout of his fellow human beings — he’s a cheap one. Pathetic little turd.

    • Trump makes me think of of the Elvis Costello lines, “If it moves then you fuck it / If it doesn’t then you stab it.” Trump’s got a reptilian brain.

      I think I see Gingrich and Rubio the opposite. It seems that Gingrich is just a con man. I really think Rubio isn’t smart enough to be working anyone. He just believes in his tribe. But I don’t know either man very well. And it doesn’t matter. I think Vonnegut was right, “We are what we pretend to be.”

      “Pathetic little turd” is a good description. Trump could use that except Rubio will never again be brave enough to conflict with Trump.

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