Andrew Sullivan Is Wrong — as Usual

Andrew SullivanAs I checked in every day at New York Magazine, I kept seeing that the top story was, “America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny.” I figured it was just another story about Donald Trump, and frankly, so what? I really don’t like Trump, but I don’t see how he is really any different than the other people the Republicans had on offer for the presidency. But finally, I clicked over — probably more because of the Zohar Lazar’s Bernie Wrightson-esque illustration. What I found was an article by Andrew Sullivan with the actual title, Democracies End When They Are Too Democratic.

Oh brilliant! Now Andrew Sullivan comes back to explain to us that Donald Trump is the result of too much democracy. Oh, and he read The Republic in graduate school! And maybe read It Can’t Happen Here at some point too! Oh, what an erudite man, Sullivan is! But the almost 8,000 word essay is a mass of contradictions. In particular, there is too much democracy that is allowing the people to elect a man who will bring tyranny; and the people are angry because the elites haven’t been listening to them since the early 1990s. But what does any of that matter?! Andrew Sullivan is a perfect example of a Very Serious Person.

The idea of “compromise” for Very Serious Idiots like Andrew Sullivan is that it is a way for them to get their preferred conservative economic policies.

And it is in this capacity that I found the article most hilarious. He noted that, “The vital and valid lesson of the Trump phenomenon is that if the elites cannot govern by compromise, someone outside will eventually try to govern by popular passion and brute force.” Obviously, this doesn’t really go along with the “too much democracy,” but whatever. Andrew Sullivan thinks that the people want “compromise.” They aren’t upset about a lack of compromise. They are upset about things like NAFTA — a great example of compromise — and something that Sullivan has always been a big supporter of.

The idea of “compromise” for Very Serious Idiots like Andrew Sullivan is that it is a way for them to get their preferred conservative economic policies. His list of elite failure is “massive and increasing public debt,” “a disastrous war in the Middle East,” and allowing financial markets to crash the economy.

The first item is standard Very Serious Simpson-Bowles nonsense. If only we could get conservative Democrats and standard Republicans together, everything would be wonderful! Is Sullivan for raising taxes on the rich? Is he for raising the cap on Social Security? In general, no. Sullivan is a Thatcherite to the core; he hasn’t changed, it is just that the Democratic Party has moved to him.

We did get a disastrous war in the Middle Easy — one that was cheered on by Andrew Sullivan. And the fact that he thinks it was financial markets that crashed the economy rather than the bursting of an $8 trillion housing bubble is typical of the Very Serious People in that they all “know” what the others “know” which is usually wrong.

But let’s be clear of what’s actually going on with Trump. Nate Silver wrote a very interesting article yesterday, The Mythology Of Trump’s “Working Class” Support. It turns out that Trump voters are quite well to do — not as well to do as Kasich voters, but much more well to do than Clinton and Sanders voters. So Trump voters aren’t these poor working class people who are getting screwed; they are resentful whites who don’t like seeing their group identity lose its supremacy.

This is particularly interesting because in his own article, Andrew Sullivan pushes this same kind of white resentment. He used the phrase “white working class” five times. He only used the phrase “working class” without the white modifier once. And this is, after all, the guy who pushed Black People Are Stupider Than White People into the (Liberal!) mainstream.

After all those words, there really is nothing of value in Andrew Sullivan’s article. But it is funny that he seems so unaware of his own complicity in the false narrative he created.

Afterword: Andrew Sullivan on Bernie Sanders

Sullivan claims that Bernie Sanders’ core critique is that money in politics is destroying it. That is not his core critique. That is part of his core rhetoric. But his core critique is about economic inequality. Of course, Sullivan isn’t interested in that. He also refers to Sanders as “the demagogue of the left.” Sullivan should have put down The Republic in graduate school and picked up a dictionary. What a fool! So of course he’s taken Very Seriously.

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6 thoughts on “Andrew Sullivan Is Wrong — as Usual

  1. Maybe he gets his information from the same cabdriver Friedman does. I’ll bet neither tips worth a damn, though.

        • It’s rare that Atrios writes more than a short paragraph anymore, so I really liked when he did those. He calls himself a lazy blogger and he’s right about that. Just the same, he was really important in the history of liberal blogging. I believe that Digby got her start as a commenter on his site.

    • The problem with people like him is that so many powerful people think they are smart and insightful. But I don’t think he is much of a weathervane. He’s the same bigoted elitist that he always was.

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