Anniversary Post: 2007 Baghdad Market Bombing

2007 Baghdad Market BombingOn this day in 2007, the Baghdad market bombing killed at least 135 people and injured over 300 others. It was a suicide bombing and and is generally considered part of the Iraq War. Obviously, it was a result of the Iraq War.

But wait! Wasn’t it a suicide bomber?! Wasn’t it a Muslim who did it? Doesn’t that mean that it was all — or almost all — due to the fact that the Quran says you gotta kill the infidel or Sam Harris or something?

Of course, these weren’t actually infidels. This was a Muslim attacking and killing a bunch of other Muslims. It was certainly part of the war that we started between the Sunnis and the Shi’ites. So definitely it was part of the war. The one we started. Did I say that?

But wait! Doesn’t the fact that this guy was willing to kill himself mean that he believes in an afterlife with 72 virgins and all the ice cream he can eat?! Isn’t that itself an indictment of Islam? Doesn’t that mean it is a religion of war and hatred for our freedoms?

Well, there have been cases where Americans took part in suicide missions during wars. Certainly the guys at the Alamo could have surrendered. They might have been thinking that their belief in Jesus would provide them with even more orgasms than one would get from the 72 virgins and, of course, the requisite ice cream for eternity.

Or maybe not. Maybe these guys just really believed in what they were fighting for and were willing to die for it. I don’t agree with it, but there are a lot of reasons people are willing to die — often in the service of killing others.

But wait! Isn’t it true that all of the people commonly called Islamophobes are really just saying that religion plays a part in all of this?

No. The Islamophobes only start throwing around caveats when they are talking to people like me. When they are around each other, they show their true colors and admit that they would vote for Ben Carson over Noam Chomsky. Because a fundamentalist Christian Islamophobe is better than non-religious intellectual who doesn’t have a knee-jerk hatred of Muslims.

But the 2007 Baghdad Market Bombing proves we’re right! Go team!

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