Morning Music: Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mary Chapin CarpenterOkay, let’s end this week with some nice Thanksgiving-ish songs. I was going to just do the Mary Chapin Carpenter song “Thanksgiving Song.” It really isn’t bad. I wish there were more songs like it. You know what the real problem is: Elvis never released a Thanksgiving album. And because of that, I definitely won’t be doing this next year.

Starting tomorrow, I think I’m going to do a week of Elvis Costello. Certainly a week of California punk would better get rid of the sticky sweetness of this last week. But Costello is really easy for me — especially if I stick to the first 15 albums or so, which should be pretty easy given I only need six songs and a concert.

Anyway, here is a short set that Mary Chapin Carpenter did Paste Studio NYC! We had one major thing to be thankful for that day: Mitt Romney wasn’t going to be president.

11 thoughts on “Morning Music: Mary Chapin Carpenter

      • Classical music usually is. Except Mozart. For some really weird reason that just annoys the crap out of me and I have no idea why.

          • I could make a joke here about Sam Harris and arguments but I won’t.

            It is your blog and I will politely listen to whatever Mozart you put up. I will even do so with an open mind.

            • What is it that you don’t like about Mozart? I find when I say I don’t like an artist, it is usually a particular work or period that I really have a problem with.

              • Anytime I listen to anything of his, regardless of who has performed it, I get annoyed and twitchy. It is the closest I can come to explaining it. I know, intellectually, I should like it because I like a lot of classical music. But for some reason the music sets me on edge and I don’t understand why.

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