Thoughts on Romney as I Move

Mitt filmMy business partner Will and I have finally decided to get an actual public business address. As a result, we have been working most of this day and will probably work much of tomorrow as well. That is why posting here will be on the light side for the next 24 hours. But I will give it the good college try.

The main news I’ve heard today that, Mitt Romney Is Getting Ready to Be the GOP Establishment’s Conservative for 2016. How exciting Republicans must be nationwide! There is nothing like a guy who lost the last election by four percentage point during an election where the political fundamentals weren’t that bad for him. He’s the guy you want to hitch your wagon to!

I have great questions as to whether Romney can really get the nomination. Maybe the party has gotten a little loopy from watching the documentary Mitt. A lot of people have commented that they had no idea that Romney was so charming until they saw the film. So the idea may be buzzing around that this time the public will see the real Mitt Romney. Is the Republican Party ready to fall in love again?

The problem is that the American people didn’t vote for Romney in the 2012 general election. And the reason they didn’t has very little to do with the fact that they didn’t want to have a beer with him (while he drank soda pop because he’s such a fun loving guy). It had everything to do with the fact that the economy was doing okay and Romney ran on the fact that Obama was totally mismanaging the economy — which everyone knew was a total lie.

Let’s remember: Romney’s great idea was to allow more “free market” policies that led to the crisis of 2008. And he wanted to give huge tax cuts to his fellow insanely rich friends. And I fully expect him to run exactly the same campaign in 2016. It will be more “Plutocracy will save us!” As I wrote this morning, the Republicans don’t have any new ideas — at least any that their ideology will allow them to take serious. So it’s gonna be tax cuts for the rich and savaging environmental and workplace regulations.

So I do hope that Romney gets the nomination. He isn’t even a particularly strong Republican candidate. But as always: if the economy tanks, even Mitt Romney could become president. But overall? Mitt Romney running for president is a joke. If I were a Republican, I would be shaking my head in shame.

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  1. Naw. It’ll be more hard right in the primaries for the base. As a former GOP chair said the other day, it’ll take another couple election cycles for the yahoos in his party to figure out that their politics isn’t going to win in a national election. I’m guessing it will take more than a couple. But as they gain control of more state legislatures, if the trend continues, they’ll take that to mean they don’t need to win nationally.

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