Good to See Anthony Weiner Again

Anthony WeinerHere’s the thing and I think it is probably clear if you’ve read this site with any regularity over the past couple of years. I like Anthony Weiner. He’s a good and unapologetic advocate for liberal policies. I’m very sorry about all his personal problems but they don’t mean much to me. I think, as has been clear with my reaction to Rob Ford who I hate politically, I’m always going to be forgiving about people’s personal foibles, whether they be public crack smoking, sexting, or something else.

Last week, Weiner was on Real Time and he was great. Of course he was! Where better to be? That’s where he’s in his element. He’s always been more of a performer than a politician and I hope he goes in that direction. Up against him is Sean Hannity clone David Avella who does nothing but spout conservative talking points and spread as much misinformation as he can. (I especially like when he claims that Republicans do have ideas for fixing our broken system. They do not.) Weiner destroys him.

Weiner also destroys Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, who appears to be one of those self-styled moderates—someone who never fought for single payer before Obamacare but now wants it after it isn’t an option. (This is a standard conservative ploy: why does Obamacare have to be so complex?!) She doesn’t seem unreasonable, however. But she did go off on the usual bullshit about how Obama should have apologized earlier, as though that has any relevance. Weiner and even Maher dispatch her quickly.

Regardless, I’m glad to see Weiner back doing what he does best.


Here is a bit more where Weiner and Maher discuss the “elephant in the room.” (Not Chris Christie; He’s just fat.) Needless to say, I agree: about the scandal and about healthcare.

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