Editing Cranky Girl Limerick

Crank Girl

Over the weekend, I found this Cranky Girl comic strip. I’d never seen it and now that I’ve looked into it, it’s pretty good. Of course, it’s not quite up to Pearls Before Swine. (Rat is my hero!)

What I was struck with was that it had a limerick in it. And it’s not a bad one! I do think that Crystal Jones (If that is her real name!) kind of screwed up the rhythm on that last line. Also some other minor things bother me. I can’t even draw a stick figure correctly, so I’m not complaining. But I think it would have been better like this:

Our poor cranky girl felt so misled
When she won a free facial and ped
It sure stuck in her craw
When she got to the spa
Seems her lips were too small for her head!

But I don’t know. I’ll have to run it past the Grand Poobah of all things limerick, Mad Kane. But she may be madangry at me; she never responded to my birthday limerick—which I worked very hard on!

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  1. How cool to find a limerick in a cartoon strip! As for your edits, they work fine, except for a typo in line 1. (You have milsed.)

    And as for your birthday limerick, I apologize for having apparently overlooked it or lost it! I received nearly 100 limericks (and several haiku) for my last birthday (mostly on Facebook) and tried to respond to every single writer. Apparently yours got lost in my email box (or my blog), since I would certainly have thanked you had I seen it.

    So sorry — I’d love to see it if you still have it!

  2. @MadKane – You are good! Thanks. I fixed it.

    I used to have it, but that was long before the internet! Today, I just hope that I don’t have it as much as I used to…

  3. Hiya, this is Crystal Jones (lol, yep, real name). I enjoyed reading your article and comments re: my comic strip CRANKY GIRL. Glad you think its good! I know there was a misspelling and that has since been changed (actually long ago). I was kinda green when I drew that. My web site is quite dated (working on new one) and I am syndicated in a few papers but to see more strips for now go to: https://www.facebook.com/CrankyGirl411

    Awesome to see my first piece of press! (well, sort of press) Thanks!
    Crystal Jones

  4. @Crystal – Kind of, indeed! You have only entered the gentle insanity of Frankly Curious. But what are you talking about "press" for? [i]You are in the press![/i] That’s how I got your cartoon!

    The name thing is funny, though. I almost deleted it as spam when I saw it. But I won’t forget it again. Frankly Curious has another celebrity comment!

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