Shameful Content on The Last Word

Edward SnowdenI don’t have a lot to say here—it largely speaks for itself. The gang on last night’s The Last Word discussed Edward Snowden in the most dismissive way. Joy Reid seems to think that if the United States just asks for anyone in China, the Chinese government has to hand him over. There is no subtlety of the law; no details; no due process. When America commands, other countries are contractually obligated to jump to attention. And then Richard Wolffe claimed that Snowden was “stupid” because he just realized that in jail, “He would not have access to a computer.” Except that people in jail often do have access to computers, although Snowden probably wouldn’t have been one of those people.

And remember: these are the supposed liberals! This is what is so fucked up about our country. Instead of dealing with the information that Snowden has revealed, everyone is focused on destroying the messenger. Who Snowden is and what his motivations are do not mean anything in understanding the content of these leaks. There have been too many comparisons between Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg. But the truth is that if Ellsberg had leaked those documents in the current political climate, the media would be all over him. This is a shameful sight.

In general, I like Lawrence O’Donnell and Joy Reid and Richard Wolffe. But they all have a lot of Villager baggage. And this is all of them at their very worst:

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