Hillary Killed Foster and Stevens!

Hillary ClintonThis morning, Greg Sargent returned us to the glory of the 1990s when we were treated to the delights of mainstream media sources seriously discussing allegations that Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster killed. What is particularly tragic is that Foster killed himself, largely as the result of all the vicious attacks on him by the conservative movement. Of course Foster suffered from depression, but I suspect that had he never been part of Clinton White House, he would be alive today. So exactly the people who hasten his death, then used his death to attack the Clinton White House, most especially Hillary Clinton.

Sargent argued that those days are back. In particular, he argued that a new Karl Rove video is intended to bring back the “angry Hillary” meme. And that’s to be expected. Last year, the focus of the Benghazi hysteria was all on Obama, because they were trying to defeat him. Now they are focused on Clinton, because she is the front runner for 2016. I don’t think it as much shameless as it is pathetic. Conservatives really do not have any issues to deal with, so they trump up the most ridiculous “scandals” and beat them until finally the mainstream media start to cover them.

Check out this short video:

The argument is that Clinton was briefed by Greg Hicks, the ambassador’s aide, who told her it “was in fact terrorism.” Then, Clinton made a public statement contradicting that. But here’s the thing: one man’s opinion does not make Truth. During the lead-up to the Iraq War, Cheney and his minions combed through the intelligence, pulling out everything that made the case for war and ignoring everything that didn’t. There are always conflicting data. Clinton was no doubt briefed by many people and got conflicting information from many sources. All this video really says is that Clinton didn’t use the data from one source.

The video goes on to say that someone in the administration told him not to go to the press. There are questions about this anyway, but even if strictly true, it doesn’t mean much. I imagine a conversation like this:

Hicks: Clinton contradicted me!
WH: So? She got information from a number of sources.
Hicks: I’m going to the press!
WH: Don’t do that! This situation is already difficult enough.

But the Karl Rove attack is not about finding the true. It is about labeling Clinton as a woman who is capable of anything. Who knows, maybe she really did kill Vince Foster. Maybe she planned the Benghazi attack! Remember: Watergate was bad, but at least no one died!

I Kind of Like Donovan

DonovanOn this day back in 1838, problem brother and assassin John Wilkes Booth was born. Movie composer Max Steiner was born in 1888. Fred Astaire was born in 1899. Film producer David O. Selznick was born in 1902. Electronic composer Milton Babbitt was born in 1916. Nancy Walker was born in 1922. And Sid Vicious was born in 1957—exactly one year before Rick Santorum. Coincidence?

Italian director Ettore Scola is 82 today. Comedy director Jim Abrahams is 69. Bono is 53. And science fiction writer John Scalzi is 44.

But the day belongs to Donovan? He’s 67 today. I kind of like him. He was really good in Don’t Look Back.

So happy birthday? Yes! Donovan!