KISS Doesn’t Want to Hire a Vet

KISS SucksI don’t know where exactly I saw it, but there was a headline that read, “KISS Wants to Hire Vet.”[1] My reaction was immediate. I thought, “Interesting. The most clownish band has decided to become even more ridiculous by having animals in their stage show.”

I couldn’t have been more wrong. KISS just wanted to hire a roadie who they wanted to be a military veteran. Well, that’s not quite right. They wanted to get publicity by claiming to be good Americans by giving what is effectively lip services to the “support our troops” meme.

In the end, KISS didn’t hire a veteran. They hired a military retiree. There are a lot of veterans who are truly unemployed. KISS chose not to hire one.

[1] There are lots with this headline. Here is CBS affiliate WHP-TV.

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