Politics: 1 December 2010

John McCain Was Never a Maverick, but He Was Always…

For years, I’ve been saying that John McCain is no maverick. He’s vengeful: after losing to George W. Bush, he did what he could to poke him in the eye, and that sometimes meant not holding extremist conservative views—which were and still are his stock and trade. But this made him look like a maverick when, in fact, he was just pissed off. Last night on Countdown, Dan Savage said something that McCain is, however. When Keith Olbermann asked Savage why the military leaders’ opinions and this huge military study are not enough for McCain on the issue of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Savage responded bluntly, “Because, not to put too fine a point on it, McCain is a bigot.”

Perhaps the McCain/Palin ticket would have done better if they had not stressed what mavericks they were—since that was clearly bullshit—and instead have gone with, “We’re the bigot team! Vote for us! Vote for intolerance!” Gooo team!

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