Politics: 7 October 2010

Wall Street

I saw the new Wall Street film. It was strange. Oliver Stone chose to add some stupid happy ending to it. It should have ended on “Gordon Gecko is back!” Instead, we get something of a redemption for a man clearly far past redemption.


Sam Harris in Letter to a Christian Nation makes the argument that religion is the greatest threat to civilization (ours, not Cid Meier’s). He makes a compelling case in this tiny 20,000 word book. But I can’t help but think that while religion alone is responsible for many bad things (and never wholly responsible for good things), religion is more a symptom than a cause. To me, humans are evil, looking for an excuse.

Office Furniture Vs. Political Action

Al Franken said what I’ve been thinking for a while about contributions coming out of the US Chamber of Commerce: “When the Bahrain Petroleum Company sends the Chamber $10,000, the $10,000 in American money, American money the Chamber was going to use for office furniture, can now go to a new attack ad…” Exactly. The Bahrain Petroleum Company can give the money to the USCoC for office furniture (Wink! Wink!) and the USCoC can use its American-based money for political ads. This is sickening.

A Most Vexing Interview

After watching this interview, I donated $10 to Peter DeFazio. Is this guy annoying or what?!

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