Politics: 17 September 2010

Elizabeth Warren!

It amazes me that the Republicans won’t allow Obama to have anything he wants. It is clear that Elizabeth Warren should be nominated to head the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. But we know that the Republicans will filibuster her nomination, because she might actually be effective and Wall Street and big banks might actually have to start playing a little more fairly with all their customers. So for now: no nomination.

So instead, Obama just appointed her to set up the agency. You know: to structure it and to hire the people working in it. Damn! That President of ours is a smart guy. I’m totally serious. This was brilliant.

God Hates Fags!

You might think that Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) would have a URL like www.WestboroBaptistChurch.org or even www.WestboroBaptistChurch.com. But no. They are Christians, and if there is one thing that Christ was really clear about, it is that God Hates Fags! But that is not all that WBC knows Christ believed. They also know Jews Killed Jesus and a charming country-by-country explanation of why God Hates the World! But mostly, God hates fags—that’s their main site.

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