Photo Op

My work within the yearbook industry has required a lot of photo-editing. I can’t tell you how many obscene gestures kids will try to sneak into class photos that then need to be “corrected” by adding or removing fingers and other appendages. Then there are those unfortunate shots that require the addition of modesty-preserving elements such as longer shorts, higher necklines, and occasionally even underwear. (Don’t ask.) My reason for explaining all this is to prove that I’m not a pervert, only perhaps a bit more likely to notice awkward bits in seemingly innocent photos.

For example, the movie poster for It’s Kind of a Funny Story.
Notice anything a little odd? If not, here’s a larger version.
Screen Capture

I have been under the impression that Emma Roberts is a modest, self-respecting GIRL, so what is it exactly that is dangling from the front of her pants? I understand that on the full-size movie poster it’s probably quite clear that the object in question is ummm, well, something that isn’t a penis. But you would think that someone (other than myself) would have checked the photo for details that might not translate into the teeny world of JPGs. If I were Miss Roberts (or her mother) I think I’d be a bit piqued with the publicity firm responsible. Maybe there will be an opening for an eagle-eyed photo editing grunt like myself!

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