Monthly Archive: September 2017

Sep 29

Math: When You Need to Feel Superior

From as long as I can remember, I’ve been good at math. It was just fun. The same way that Jerry West practiced basketball late into the night, I was the same way about math. Probably as a result, I’ve always hated math used as a substitute for intelligence. And it was in that context …

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Sep 21

Hillary Clinton and the Conservative Book Club

Matt Yglesias wrote a great article and Matt Bruenig followed up on it. The bottom line of it is that Donald Trump became president because Hillary Clinton was unpopular. There are some striking facts to chew on, like that Donald Trump won a smaller proportion of whites than Mitt Romney. Long History of Clinton Hate …

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Sep 14

Nixon: Despair

Nixon: Despair image taken from Futurama episode Season 07 Episode 04 Proposition Infinity. Licensed under Fair Use.

Sep 13

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders? Really?!

I’ve really been trying to avoid this whole battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Well, I say battle. It’s actually just Clinton’s battle. Sanders isn’t taking part of it. But hey: she lost. I understand how that must be hard and how she would want to write an apologia. What I don’t understand is …

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Sep 09

DACA and the Republican Destruction of Norms

When DACA was first put into effect, my immediate thought was what would happen if the Republicans went and shut the whole thing down. Now it has happened. And all these kids have given all of the information to the government. Will the information be given to ICE so that they can all be picked …

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Sep 08

North Korea and Just How Generous the US Is

This weekend I was at a family gathering. And I overheard two older people — great-grandparents — discussing foreign aid. One of them noted that it was one thing they agreed with Trump about. As nicely as I could, I pointed out that our total expenditure on foreign aid was about 1% of our federal …

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Sep 04

Libertarianism and Labor Day

What most annoys me about Libertarians — and free market purist of all varieties — is that they see the only potential liberty killing force as being the government. Or if they don’t believe that they believe that it is only the government that we should be fighting against. This seems to come from the …

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