Jan 29

Anniversary Post: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven

Edgar Allan PoeOn this day in 1845, Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven” was first published, in The Evening Mirror. Poe’s reputation as a writer of horror tends to overshadow the fact that he was a technical master. During most of his lifetime, he was better known as a literary theorist than a writer. Pretty much everything he is known for was written in the last decade of his life. Of course, “The Raven” made him a star (not that it meant that much at that time).

But the main thing is that he wasn’t just telling stories or writing poems. He was approaching it from a technical standpoint. Think about “The Raven.” I don’t think people remember it all these years later because of the story. There isn’t much of story to it. It’s just really, really disturbing. Certainly a part of it is the mystery. What is the loss that is being talked about? What happened to Lenore? Does it matter? And what’s with that menacing bird?

Anyway, here is Vincent Price performing the poem from a television special he did of Poe’s work:


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  1. Elizabeth

    On this day in January, Frank writes about Edgar Allan Poe. :-) I am kidding of course since I don’t remember if it was on the same day but you do love your Poe.

    1. Frank Moraes

      I did a birthday post for him, but that was a long time ago. Yes, I do love me some Poe. But I’m not going to go on about it even though I feel the urge.

      1. Elizabeth

        Why not? Your blog and at least I will read it even if no one else does.

        1. Frank Moraes

          It’s a matter of time. And I already have, as original comment noted. I am inclined to go on about how Melville is seen as the ultimate American writer, but Poe is so much better. But making that argument would take a whole lot of time and research to make.

          1. Elizabeth

            How about writing about Phoenix city council letting Satanists make the opening invocation at one of their meetings instead?

            1. Frank Moraes

              Did that happen?

              And do you have an app that tells you when I post a comment or something?!

              1. Elizabeth

                No, I am just multitasking again and driving you nuts with rapid responses.

                The invocation is next month. I will link you about it when I get on a computer.

                1. Frank Moraes

                  You are allowing me to avoid paying work…

                  1. Elizabeth

                    Um, should I care? I was more thinking “Frank will enjoy this and might get a blog post out of it.”

                    I don’t expect you to respond at my rate though. Besides you can always tell me to stop and I will.

                    1. Frank Moraes

                      Well, the paying work is very aggravating at the moment. We had an infographic made about tech events in the fall and winter. Done before me. And I’m having trouble with the follow up which is for spring and summer. But the fall and winter one had just four months: sep-dec. So spring and summer is jan-aug. Some of the events on this new one are already over. I hate these kind of screwups! I shouldn’t say anymore because I might get myself into trouble. But this is a problem with the modern publishing industry. Everything is done too fast. There isn’t enough quality control. I don’t like living in a “good enough” world. But I can deal with it. A totally screwed up one is a different matter.

                    2. Elizabeth

                      And you can’t hit it with a hammer. If it gets too frustrating, you are always welcome to rant about it to me in an email if that would make you feel better.

                    3. Frank Moraes

                      Well, I got it all sorted. Of course, there’s a new problem. But I get paid by the hour…

                    4. Elizabeth

                      Double your prices. I believe firmly in that you can fix many things by throwing money at it. The reason I believe that is our lack of trying that solution as a country. Here in AZ the right always go “the solution is not throw money at it!” And my response is “have we ever tried? No. Then how do you know it won’t work?”

                    5. Frank Moraes

                      I already get paid toward the high end for this kind of work. And I think we already pay these contractors why too much. But there’s also a problem in that the business really has grown far too big for the human resources we have. It is just the owner, two editors, and then a bunch of freelancers and contractors. God I’m tired.

                    6. Elizabeth

                      I know, you need to get some decent rest and yet you never do.

                    7. Frank Moraes

                      Well, I’m going to bed now. I’m going to start Small Gods. I understand that Bernie Sanders is featured in it… :-P

                    8. Elizabeth

                      Yes, he is. Kind of odd.

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