Nov 09

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Muppet Mash

GroverLook: normally, I’m not that fond of this kind of music. But this is Sesame Street and for whatever reason, I find it really compelling. It could be as simple as this: Grover. He was long my favorite Muppet and I was crushed when he did not show up on The Muppet Show, although I can’t help but seeing a family resemblance between him and The Great Gonzo.

I think my adoration for Grover comes from the fact that he isn’t nasty like Oscar, generally stupid like Bert and Ernie, nor cloying like Big Bird. Don’t get me wrong: Grover is a hell of a nice guy! Or a hell of a nice monster. Whatever. But he’s the kind of nice that you want to hang out with and have a beer. And there are none of those annoying contractions to worry about.

Also in this song is Kermit the Frog. And of course, Kermit is one of my heroes: an intrepid reporter on Sesame Street who went on to manage that gang of loons on The Muppet Show. That’s what I aspire to be: the sane one surrounded by total nuts. I have not succeeded yet. But until then, there is this delightful song:

And Kermit the Frog yells, “Yeeeea!”

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