Sep 16

Sam Seder Ups Reputation

Sam SederI’m not a big Sam Seder fan. It isn’t that he’s bad, I just don’t find him all that insightful because he isn’t especially smarter or more informed than I am. That does not mean he isn’t really good and vastly superior to pretty much everyone else you see on the TV or internet.

This weekend, he’s been guest hosting Up with Chris Hayes. The last person to do this was Ezra Klein, and as much as I like this young man, he is not up to filling Hayes’ very large shoes. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Seder is quite up to the task either, but he comes damned close. And let’s face it, Hayes wasn’t that good when he started.

Check out this excellent introduction to the crisis of poverty in America. I think that MSNBC could lose S.E. Cupp and bring on Seder for a regular spot.

Unfortunately, we have to put up with Josh Barro. But I suppose as Reasonable Conservatives go, he’s better than most.

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