Ezra Klein Gets Pissed

Ezra KleinI tell you, this young man is angry. I don’t think people understand the significance of this. Despite my recent attempts at humor, Ezra Klein is a sober, careful policy expert. He is not prone to hyperbole. Yet the Romney campaign seems to be driving him over the edge.

It is interesting to watch Romney claim that Obama is being mean when the Romney campaign seems to delight in taking quotes out of context and then repeating them over and over. Or taking $716 in Medicare savings and calling them cuts. Or attacking Obama for being a pot head and then whining that the campaign should be about issues, just not Romney’s business career, governorship, and Olympics management.

This is what mild-mannered centrist Ezra Klein had to say about Romney’s budget this morning:

Tell me again why I’m supposed to believe that this presidential candidate who is systematically ruling out cuts to the most popular spending programs and tax breaks is going to be able to make incredibly unpopular spending cuts and tax changes once in office?

As I wrote the other day: Romney’s budget plan is a fantasy, and it will never happen.

You never want to make a nice guy mad.

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