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It is probably all right to steal images on this site, but please don't steal bandwidth; serve the image yourself. Please ask about images from Curiously Clever because Andrea is an actual artist. Ask me if you have questions. A link back is always appreciated!


Visitors of this site are encouraged to participate here by commenting on our articles. Spamming, of course, is not allowed. Comments are now moderated. I try to get to them several times per day. In general, comments left by humans are allowed; comments left by bots are not. At this point, I respond to most comments. Sometimes I screw up, however. I have, for example, accidentally erased comments. If you comment does not appear within 24 hours, please try again. If I delete your comment, I will most likely add a comment noting this.

Links can be placed directly in comments. We encourage people to point out new sources of information—including those from commenters' own websites. In order to encourage the communal aspects of the web, all links are clean—we do not add "nofollow" to the relationship attributes of links. This increases the commenters' web visibility which is the least we can do for people who add content to this website. But remember to always add content along with your links. Comments that are nothing but self-promotion will generally not get published.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to Frank Moraes.

Updated 23 March 2013