Just as with movies, I don't write reviews of music. One of the reasons for this is that I don't feel qualified to do so. Of course, the same might be said for most music critics. Anyway, this is a mixed bag. Brief descriptions of the articles are provided so that you can decide what sounds interesting.

Cage Does Cage!
A video pun explained.
Conservative Rock?!
National Review has an idiotic list of conservative rock songs.
Speaking of French
The great fake French band Les Sans Culottes.
It's Hard to Die in French
The French original of Seasons in the Sun is great.
Moe's Waiting for THE Man
The Velvet Underground's drummer was turned into a tea party idiot.
Late Night Interlude: Who Does This Remind You Of?
The great Laura Cantrell.
Tuba Tuba Tuba
Tubas are being stolen. And they're really great.
Al Green Not Demented, Just Asshole
On seeing that Al Green doesn't have dementia.
The Meaning of Marlene on the Wall
The meaning of the Suzanne Vega song.
A Musical Confession
I don't like all kinds of music.
Justin Bieber and the End of Western Culture
The evils of pitch correction software.
Kiss Me
How important was the make-over of Sixpence None the Richer's lead sing, Leigh Nash, to the success of their mega-hit Kiss Me?
I Felt Like a Gringo
Depressed on July Fourth, but at least I have The Minutemen for company.
Master Class with William Bennett
About my master class with the great flutist.
Two Songs and Counting
There are now at least two songs about Paul Krugman.
Box Office Poison at Mary's Pizza Shack
Have a pizza, discover a band.
Gilligan's Island Theme Song
This article tells the story of the evolution of the Gilligan's Island theme song. Maybe you thought there was just one? Ha!
Pow Wow Theater
I discovered this amazing singer-songwriter on YouTube, Wayne Poehlman, also known as PowWowTheater. In not only includes a couple of covers he does on video, there are two free MP3s of his original songs. I am currently working with him on creating a website. You can see it grow at PowWow Theater Online!
This is mostly about running into an old friend of mine and a song we wrote together called, "Leak."
Pandora's Box
I wax poetic about Internet radio.
John Stewart and Jules Shear
In this article, I discuss the creative process and breaking rules in making art. It tells one of my favorite "brush with fame" stories about meeting John Stewart, as well.
Elvie Thomas
Wikipedia sucks and Elvie is not a man.
Skinny Leg Blues
The meaning of Geeshie Wiley's "Skinny Leg Blues."
Music Worth Listening To: Eric & Suzy Thompson
This is kind of a review of concert I heard of the old-timey duet of Eric & Suzy Thompson. It also discusses a number of old, especially blues, artists and provides links to some free MP3s.
One Song, Two Song, Song Sung Blue Song
How many songs are on Thompson's Real?
Blue Moon
Okay, this one isn't that much about music—but it references two songs and has a video of Nanci Griffith performing Once in a Very Blue Moon live. It is mostly about what a blue moon is and how long it is between two of them. Plus, this was a "lost" article—one that was in the database but didn't show up on the site. So I want to point it out to Google.
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
Here's an interesting one. I combine the Christopher Marlowe poem, "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" with Sir Walter Raleigh's response-poem, "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd" in order to create a single song—a duet for male and female singers. I need to do a follow-up to this to show how the verses would interact.
She Said "No"
I rip into "Please Come to Boston"—a most deserving song.