It's like this: I am no grammarian. My grammar is not that good, and I spend a lot of time looking up words and reading grammar books. Probably because I am not good at grammar, it fascinates me. From time to time, I find issues many people struggle with, but which have not been written about—at least not as well as I would like. Thus, the following articles. You will also notice my push to always simplify the language if it is at all possible. My grammar articles are among my most popular.

Illiterate Filmmakers: Italian Edition
A grammar problem Crow T. Robot missed in Warrior of the Lost World.
Illiterate Filmmakers: Last Man Standing Edition
For a long time, opening movies credits have been bugging me. You see, they do not follow the rule of parallel structure. Most people never notice this problem, but once it is pointed out, it is aggravating in the extreme. (Actually, I'm guessing; as far as I know, I am the first person to notice this; however, since notice it a few years ago, it has aggravated me in the extreme.
Amongst Us, Among Them
Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences
Practicable Practical
Enunciating my Thoughts About Annunciate
Our Mutual Friend
All about verbal stumbles.
A useful word.
Then and Than
Major publishers are mixing up "then" and "than."
The Down and Down on the Up and Up
What does "up and up" mean to you?
Full Sentences Inside Parenthetical Enclosures
How to put full sentences in parentheses.
Word Processing
A delightful poem about the problem with spell checkers.
The Sentence as Will and Idea
A review, of sorts, of Stanley Fish's book. More a discussion of sentences themselves.
Quelle Surprise!
Foreign phrases should be italicized!
Clarity, Convenience, and the Serial Comma
The serial comma is important.
Anthony Weiner Pronounces Name Wrong
Information about how to pronounce Weiner and Boehner.
Fowler V. Strunk&White
Why I like Fowler more than Strunk&White.
Writing is Not Grammatical Analysis
Writing needs to be interesting, not necessarily right.
Illiterate Filmmakers: Italian Edition
Illiteracy in Warrior of the Lost World.
Illiterate Filmmakers: Last Man Standing Edition
Inconsistencies in titles drive me crazy.
Amongst Us, Among Them
When to use "among" and when to use "amongst."
Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences
Review of this excellent grammar book.
Practicable Practical
What is the difference between these two words?
Enunciating my Thoughts About Annunciate
The difference between "annunciate" and "enunciate."
Our Mutual Friend
The weird grammar rules for the word "mutual." And why we shouldn't care.