Frank Moraes is a freelance writer with broad interests. He is educated as a scientist with a PhD in Atmospheric Physics. He has worked in climate science, remote sensing, and throughout the computer industry. And he has taught physics.

Moraes is currently avoiding four main projects: a children's book he is tight lipped about; a play about Mephistopheles; a trilogy of books about rational mysticism; and his second novel which is either "Treading Asphalt" or "Rachel Died." (Rachel dies on page 1 so we're not giving anything away.)

He is procrastinating less on a TV series called "The Post Postmodern Comedy Hour" and a series of videos where his deadpan wit can be misinterpreted by the young as some disease that old guys must get.

Oh, he's also really opinionated about books, film, theater, music, pens, politics, and just about everything else. Not that there is much else.


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