Cat - Curiously CleverFrankly Curious was started November 2009 by Frank Moraes as a place to write about whatever was on his mind. The content was and is very diverse. However, on 6 July 2012, something happened. The political website Cooks & Liars, picked up one of our articles for its daily blog round up. At that time, the site was getting about 400 readers per day. We got a thousand visits from that one link.

Up to that point, we avoided political articles. It was just too easy. Anyway, who cared what we thought about politics? Well, apparently, someone did. So not only did we start writing more about politics, we started writing more about everything. We were publishing roughly two articles per day at that time. After that, it went up to three, and then four, and so on. In fact, we've had to hold back so that we have time for other projects. At this point, we try to limit our output to around five articles per day, but it goes up as high as ten some days.

Knight on Horseback - Don QuixoteThe most recent addition to our site is Curiously Clever by Andrea English. Unfortunately, right after starting this blog, Andrea bought a house and is knee-deep in things like getting a septic tank installed on her property. (Yes, that was a pun.) Andrea is very clever. In fact, she even makes up puns in her dreams. I have high hopes for Curiously Clever—just not soon.

There is really no point to Frankly Curious. It is just a place where we learn about things and share them with others—even if the others are relatively few. (The site currently has about 2,000 daily readers.) The site is organized into Categories which you can access in the menu on the right. We do plan to try to create more and better ways to organize the content on this site, but it is hard. You are best just visiting every day. Also: check out the Random Articles on the right.

So what is Frankly Curious about? Everything and nothing. For more information, see the very first article, Everything Interesting for Everyone Interesting.