Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting aftermathI just found out about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I saw a bunch of chatter about gun control on Twitter. It actually made me feel good, because I thought that it was about the Portland shooting. I've been bothered by the lack of coverage of that shooting, because I figure it is due to the fact that "only" two people were murdered. Sure, you can say I'm clueless, but the truth is that I'm not very good at this quick change, short attention span culture we have. I'm not over that shooting yet.

The best reporting that I've found on the shooting is from the Wall Street Journal, Dozens Killed in Connecticut School Shooting. It seems that we now know that at least 27 people were killed, 18 of them were children. Details are few in this story, but the WSJ article was really pushing one part of the story. There is a locked double door entry system at this school. This is the result of past tragedies like Columbine. No one knows how the shooter got through, but the WSJ sure is interested.

My perspective about this is: who the fuck cares?! Clearly he did get through. It seems that he was the son of one of the teachers there. (They are both reportedly dead now.) That might explain it. Regardless, something explains it. But that is not going to explain why 27 people were murdered. This is a typically American approach to a problem: look everywhere but not at what is right in front of you.

I don't know why this horrible event happened at Sandy Hook. But I feel fairly sure that a big part of it comes down to this:

Crazy Man + Guns = 27 People Murdered

So I'm thinking that maybe we need to start talking about mental health and gun laws in this country. Because no amount of investigation of the school's security system is going to improve the situation in the future. If you have well-armed crazy people walking around, people are going to die unnecessarily.

Update (14 December 2012 5:20 pm)

Most recent data: 26 murdered, 20 of which were children.