Dave BrubeckIt's sad whenever someone who is not actively evil dies. So I'm sad that Dave Brubeck died. But here's the thing...

He wasn't great. Don't get me wrong: he had his moments. He was a very capable jazz pianist. But Bill Evans he wasn't. But here's another thing...

If I could be Bill Evans or Dave Brubeck, I would pick Brubeck in a second! First, he got 40 years more. Second, he had a regular, happy life. Other than the music, the same cannot be said for Evans. (There's nothing like an expensive heroin and then cocaine habit to make the regular parts of life a hell of a lot harder.) So Brubeck had the better life and that should be enough without all of us kissing his metaphorical ass.

There is one thing I really like about Brubeck as a musician: Paul Desmond. He is what made the Dave Brubeck Quartet really work. And he is the reason why 99% of you even know who the hell Brubeck is. Desmond died 35 years, 6 months, and 5 days ago—just for the record, since you didn't even notice.

Here is the Quartet playing their most famous tune with its writer on alto sax:


I know you want it:

Hear the difference? (And if you don't, please don't tell me.)