Ezra KleinEzra Klein wrote a fairly typical article over at WonkBlog today, The Tax Report Senate Republicans Donít Want You to See. It discusses the Congressional Research Service report that looks at whether top marginal tax cuts help productivity. They don't. It also looks at whether top marginal tax cut increase inequality. They do. But as Klein notes, this is a fairly simplistic analysis that can be argued against.

What struck me about the article was something totally unrelated to content. Ezra Klein tells the story of how he got the report. He says that Bruce Bartlett gave it to him after Klein had guest hosted The Ed Show. That's fine as far as it goes. But he continues:

Not to brag, but people give me a lot of reports on marginal tax rates, so I didn't think much of it.

If you don't immediately recognize why this is totally adorable, let me explain. There are a couple of aspects of it. First, only a wonderfully unselfconscious nerd would think that being given lots of reports on marginal tax rates was a sign of coolness. "Look at that guy walking down the street with that stack of marginal tax reports: he's the man!"

It is also charming because Klein doesn't seem to think that people would consider his guest hosting The Ed Show as bragging. No. Only about a million people watch that show. But those tax reports! That's what makes the ladies swoon.

All of this should not be taken as sarcasm. I really do think that Ezra Klein is adorable for this kind of stuff. He helps the nerd brand.