BB-CodeAs noted by a number of users, Frankly Curious has installed BB-Code for our comments. This allows users to add typesetting to their comments. Actually, there is much more than this. You can also add quoted material (also source code) and even embed YouTube videos.

The code below shows how to use these commands. You can see how it is displayed in the comment below. Basically, they are all just standard HTML markup, except that they are enclosed in square brackets rather than less than/greater than symbols. There are a couple of wrinkles, however.


To use the "color" tag (I wish you wouldn't), you have to include the color that you want. This can either be a color name like "red" or "blue" or many others. Or you can use a #RGB tag. If you know how to use this, go ahead; otherwise, just stick to the color names.


The "size" tag is pretty much the same as the color tag, except that you enter the font size. I believe this is the number of points.


You can embed a YouTube video just by putting the URL of the video inside the "youtube" tags. Note that there is no way to set the size of this. I've set the size of all videos to 350 by 197. This is the right aspect ratio for most videos. But if the video ends up looking wrong, don't be surprised.


You can just throw in a link on a line by itself and it will be turned into a link. Or you can use the code below.

Have fun!







[size=24]Size 24[/size]

[quote]This is supposed to be an extended quote. This is supposed to be an extended quote. This is supposed to be an extended quote. This is supposed to be an extended quote.[/quote]

[code]main(int argc char **argv)
int i, n;
n = 5;
for (i=0;i printf("%d\n",i);