Just a quick note. I was looking at The Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Such exercises are silly, of course. For one thing: of all time? There is not a single classical guitarist on the list. There is no guitarist on the list from before 1930. But okay, I'll play along. Certain things can be said even if there is great variety in type of music and style. Most of the people on the list were at least really good guitarists. But some things really stood out. In particular, George Harrison was listed at number 11. This is above at least 70 guitarists who are better than he was. He is right above Stevie Ray Vaughan. Can anyone seriously argue that Harrison was better than Vaughan in any way when it comes to playing the guitar? Frank Zappa makes the list down at number 22 when he was one of the most proficient rock guitarists ever. At least Duane Allman beat out Harrison at number 9, below many lesser (but great) guitarists. And Allman only beat Pete Townshend by one place. I like Townshend a lot, but he is not a great guitarist. Down at 71 is Robert Johnson, so clearly no thought is given to when an artist worked.

It is truly a pathetic excuse for rock journalism, even given the incredibly low expectations of the field.