This is the sort of thing that commonly makes me burst into tears. Not because it is awful. It is actually kind of sweet:

I don't understand what this guy thought he was doing. He wanted to protect the children from multiculturalism by killing them? Sixty-nine of them? Anders Behring Breivik[1] really deserves terrible punishment. I don't believe in murder, so that's out. Anyway, I don't want to turn this guy into a martyr for proto-fascism. And torture is out. But life in prison with only bread and water doesn't sound too harsh.

[1] Why do we always give the full names of murderers? It is because the media do not want there to be any mix-ups. I would be very unhappy if a guy named Frank Henry Moraes killed a bunch of people and the press referred to him as "Frank Moraes." Apparently, this rule does not apply when you have the same first and last name: Sirhan Sirhan.